Best reliable pharmacies in Savannah, GA

Looking for affordable online pharmacies in Savannah with discounts and low prices? Check out our list below. We compiled this list based on feedback from online shoppers and visitors to the local store.

1. Lo Cost
Rating: 4.3 (16 reviews)

"I have been a pharmacist for 29 years. With that being said, I know the struggles of working by yourself with no tech help. I just talked to Lance who is filling in today at your store. His regular store is 10865. He helped me tremendously while he had six other customers waiting. He was very courteous as well. This guy deserves a raise. Kudos to you, Lance!"

"Untrustworthy. Waited for an hour assuring me my medications would be ready in 20 minutes, then told me they could not prescribe medications for post-surgery pain relief. I was bleeding the entire time profusely, during which at any point they could have said something. Other Lo Cost employees began to grow concerned with my physical state of excessive bleeding while waiting. I couldn't believe how careless and rude, uneducated the Pharmacy staff was. Stick with a local pharmacist you can trust."

2. Apollo Pharmacy
Rating: 5.0 (44 reviews)

"Apollo Pharmacy has a very professional and friendly staff. The pharmacists and techs answer every question, regardless of how long it takes. I walk away feeling like they care about me as a person and about my health. They are as efficient as possible, and the wait time is minimal. If you experience a long wait time, it is due to something out of the control of the staff. is due to something out of the control of the staff."

"I find this pharmacy to have the best prices overall, in town. Their people are caring and always try to help the best they can. If a prescription is not covered by my insurance, they will try to help me find a coupon to cover some of the costs. Much better than Walgreens."

3. ViaQX Pharmacy
Rating: 4.2 (14 reviews)

"Pharmacist told me my prescription would be ready Thursday night. I said I'd be back the next day to pick up. I come back the next day, and it's still not ready. Completely disorganized and so unbearably slow inside and drive through. The drive-through is not an option due to how long you'll be waiting in line. Worst pharmacy I've used thus far will be switching. "

"ViaQX does great work - always fast and reliable service. The entire staff really cares, and it shows. Awesome people, care about the community and customers. Needed last minute Cialis tablets & they were open Christmas day!"

4. Coastal Compounding Pharmacy
Rating: 4.8 (13 reviews)

"I stopped off a prescription at 9:50 a.m. I was told it would take 20/25 mins if I wanted to wait, so I said sure. After 30 mins I walked up and asked the lady at Coastal Compounding Pharmacy how much longer she said she didn't know and the person that was filling it was on the phone she would ask when she got off I said ok thank you and say back down after another 45 mins without anyone talking to me I walked up again and the lady that works at the front walked back to the pharmacist and said look she's standing at the counter now after an hour and 15 minutes I only went to the counter twice I was respectful and got treated like I was bothering them by being there never again will I go to the Walmart pharmacy on the east side of Athens they should be ashamed of how they treat people."

"The pharmacists and technicians have always been helpful, and the speed with which they fill my prescriptions has honestly amazed me."