Don’t let rain ruin your wedding day!

Don’t let rain ruin your wedding day!

Planning a wedding can be an exhaustingly exciting moment in your life. It can wear you down, but it can also lift you up. It can bring you to the brink of a nervous breakdown and it can give you wings to fly as well.


And while there are tons of things you will have to handle when planning the Big Day, the harsh truth is that there are certain things you (or anyone else) can’t control. Weather is one of them.

Don't let rain ruin your wedding day, though! How? Read on and find out more.

  • Have a plan B. This is the best way to ensure you are prepared in case it rains – especially if you plan on having an outdoor wedding. Make sure you have an indoor option or a wedding tent available, so that nothing is ruined and your wedding day follows the normal schedule.
  • Have fun with it. Really, do. If you keep an eye on the weather forecast and find out it might rain on your wedding day, be creative and make rain part of your Big Day. For example, you could provide your wedding party umbrellas and fun-colored rubber boots to wear for the special photo shooting – and the pictures will look absolutely amazing.
  • Dance and embrace it. Don’t get too sad because it rains. As long as you have a plan B in store and as long as all the other details have been carefully planned, your wedding is bound to be just as marvelous as it would have been on great weather. Take your spouse and dance in the rain! It will also make for some pretty gorgeous pictures, by the way.

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