Elaborate Architecture of Historic District Savannah GA

The Gingerbread House - Savannah's Crowning Glory

Savannah, Georgia has the most wonderful tourist attractions. In addition to the heavenly weather year round, visitors are treated to a world in unique Savannah style. This city enjoys return visitors year after year. Historic District Savannah is one highlight that guests are instantly attracted to. For those who have never seen the elaborate architecture of our town, a great treat awaits.


Among the most elaborate architecture in Savannah is The Gingerbread House - always a "must see" highlight of a guided tour of the Historic District Savannah. The Gingerbread House, also known as the Asendorf House, is 108 years old and yet still bears resemblance to the original architecture of the original three-story southern mansion, built in 1899. Cord Asendorf was married to Bernhardine Asendorf and had four children. He is buried in Savannah's famous Bonaventure Cemetery. The features of The Gingerbread House are unmistakable and stand out as a fully designed home in the Gingerbread style, prevalent in the Black Forest region of Germany. It is framed by a 200 year old graceful oak tree at its entrance. Inside its doors you will find a conservatory, three fireplaces, a wooden staircase, and extensive wood trim throughout. Take note of the antique furnishings from the original period inside and take a stroll in the private courtyard with gazebo and small waterfall. The interior of The Gingerbread House also features elaborate architecture of stylish wood trim and a languishing staircase.

The Gingerbread House was purchased by SJ Management with the intent of preserving it as a major centerpiece of the Historic District Savannah GA, known throughout the US. Today, The Gingerbread House welcomes guest visitors for numerous events. Weddings comprise a major portion of these events, given its picturesque appeal. In fact, The Gingerbread House is one of the most photographed homes in Savannah, and has been featured in many films and publications as well as being visited by celebrities and US Presidents including Woodruff and Roosevelt. The Gingerbread House is fortunate to be located in the historic district of Savannah, GA, which was founded in 1733 as the first city in the USA to be laid out by an architect.

SJ Management LLC, a growing real estate development company, purchased the structure which will remain a centerpiece of the Thomas Square Streetcar Historic District.  SJ Management has partnered with Trey Mackey to manage events at The Gingerbread House.

Trey Mackey with Laura Mackey have been in business for over 20 years here in Savannah. The Mackeys are known in Savannah for their above and beyond customer service and exquisite entertaining experience. Laura and Fred, who have owned ABC Childcare Centers since 1972, along with their son Trey Mackey, are taking all they currently do at The Mackey House to The Gingerbread House. They bring over 25 years of experience providing services including but not limited to full wedding services, receptions, birthday parties, anniversaries, corporate luncheons and dinners and many other events.

Savannah has been ranked 3rd in the USA among the most popular cities in the United States as a romantic location for destination weddings. With its 200+ year old oak trees, 24 original historical town squares and the largest historical preservation district in the USA, it’s the ideal wedding location. Photographers fall in love with the scenic locations, which range from historic mansions, to city squares, to natural Low Country landscapes, and Tybee Island beaches. As an award winning historical landmark, Savannah’s Gingerbread House provides Victorian Southern hospitality for brides from all over the world.