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savannah wedding venueThe Gingerbread House, which is located in the Historic District Savannah GA, is a delightful place for couples, families and businesses to go for a memorable experience that can last a lifetime. The staff at The Gingerbread House offers professional service that is simply delightful. They are willing and able to take care of all the needs of their clients in order for an event venue to be amazing.

People who are considering The Gingerbread House will quickly discover the ballroom is ideal for hosting a meal, event or a place for dancing. Guests will be astonished at the furnishings that are around the area in which the building was constructed. The three fireplaces give a pleasant look, and a wooden staircase gives additional flair that is ideal for pictures. While the interior is attractive and features wood trim, the exterior is breathtaking. Enjoy a beautiful courtyard that can feature intimate pictures of a bride and groom. It can be a wonderful place to celebrate a special birthday or a gathering. The gazebo provides a nice place to escape the sun and enjoy the surrounding area. The waterfall, which is outside, provides serenity to guests who have come for fun and fellowship.

Individuals, families and groups can choose what type of package deals and services offered they would like from The Gingerbread House. People are welcome to rent the ballroom, which can include two additional rooms. Wedding couples like the fact that there is a personal room for the bride and the groom. The staff at The Gingerbread House provide professional service and can set up chairs for up to 100 guests. Furthermore, we can oversee that a wedding reception or party has the linens, tablecloths, decorations and candles that are needed in order to celebrate the event. Customers are welcome to visit with staff about a reception menu that is personalized. A buffet can be set up that allows guests to determine what they would like on their plates. Hors d'oeuvres, dessert and other similar items are available. Keep in mind that people, such as the newly married couple, can spend a few nights at The Gingerbread House.


While many appreciate these package deals and services offered, members on staff at The Gingerbread House pride themselves on customer service that is second to none. Other services could include transportation, such as a trolley, limousine, classic car or a horse drawn carriage. Couples who would like suggestions as wedding photographers, florists or entertainers can find a great selection from members on staff.

People who are looking at services offered and package deals at The Gingerbread House are pleased to learn that the establishment serves a wide variety of events. Wedding couples are thrilled to learn that the intimate outdoor area behind The Gingerbread House is available for wedding services. Not only that, but also the establishment can be the site for a wedding reception. Wedding anniversaries and special birthdays are welcome to be celebrated at The Gingerbread House. Businesses can celebrate Christmas parties and other events at the facility. When it is time to make a big presentation to clients, The Gingerbread House is up to the task. Non-profit groups that are looking for a site for a fundraiser or a fun event are invited to do it at The Gingerbread House.

The Gingerbread House, which was built in 1899, is an excellent example of Steamboat Gothic architecture. It is known for the gingerbread arches that are featured predominantly on the exterior of the building. It is one of the most famous homes in the Historic District Savannah GA.

People do not forget the memories that are made at The Gingerbread House. Members on staff offer professional service that is excellent. The Historic District Savannah GA, where the facility is located at, cannot be overlooked. The Gingerbread House is the place for an event venue.


savannah wedding venue

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savannah wedding venue


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savannah wedding venue


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